"Yeah" is the latest hit from country star Joe Nichols' LP "Crickets," and yeah, we love it! Joe has recently changed record labels and has put out some of his best music yet. Of course, he has always been a talented guy, but let me tell ya', he is truly a nice guy too!

Joe decided to make some changes in his life and career, and it shows in a marvelous way! With a family of his own now, a new record label and lease on life, Joe Nichols has nowhere to go but up. Joe makes his home in East Texas, and on the few occasions I've talked with him, it's like talking to a friend.

Joe stepped back from Nashville, regrouped and decided to make some hard changes. Here's a direct quote from Joe's website:

As far as where I’m at with my new music and my new label, Red Bow, this is more than a new chapter. It’s a new book.  I’ll be the first to say that the holding back has mostly been me. What strikes me this time is how much freedom I’ve felt in this process, the depth I have in my relationships – personal and professional, it really is a family thing. And, to be honest, just how much fun I’m having. Freedom, family and fun ... there’s your sound bite.

There is no denying his incredible God-given voice. A voice like Joe's, in my opinion, is so needed in country music today. So few artists in country music today have that gift, and when you hear his song, you know it's Joe.

Like I've been saying since his latest LP, "Crickets," was released -- don't walk, run to get a copy today! I wish you all the best, Joe Nichols, and we are proud that you have made your home in East Texas.

Joe Nichols will be the headliner for this year's Tyler Cattle Barons' Gala, "Wranglers & Roses," at Rio Neches Ranch on June 27. Click here for tickets.

Joe Nichols: 'Yeah'