Did you know that Larry the Cable Guy, one of your favorite comedians from the Blue Collar Comedy tour, has a food line? Yup, now you can enjoy some great food straight from Larry's kitchen. The best part is that eating it will taste good and help the community, too. 

I went to the grocery store recently and found something a little bit amazing. Larry the Cable Guy mac and cheese! I thought this was too cool to pass up, so I bought a box.

I was so excited to crack open that pre-packaged goodness and, I'll tell ya, it was everything I was hoping for. The smoked bacon flavor was delicious. Who can hate some mac and cheese, anyway?

I posted a picture of the box on my Facebook and waited for the world to share my enthusiasm with this dietary gem I had found. The responses I received disappointed me. I had a lot of people reply with disgust, there was even a, "Barf." They just don't know what they are missing out on.

Sure, the Larry the Cable Guy boxed food wasn't really gourmet or the best food I had ever eaten. You know what, though? I was helping out the community with every bite of this sort of hilarious and delicious food.

Yep, I bet you didn't know that. Larry the Cable Guy's line of food products is one more step to helping his non-profit organization aide the world.

The Git-R-Done foundation was set up by Larry and his wife to help others in need. The foundation's website explains, "The foundation’s mission is to provide assistance to charitable organizations that have experienced hardships beyond their control, with an emphasis on children and veterans." How cool! The Git-R-Done foundation and Larry have given countless hours and donations to places like; Arnold Palmer Foundation, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Operation Homefront, and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Let my Facebook friends laugh or call my mac and cheese gross, they don't understand how much the Larry the Cable Guy's food is helping out. I, myself, cannot wait to try all the other products he has to offer. There are potato chips, spices, frozen foods, and chili.

What will you try from the Larry the Cable Guy food product line? You know you want to taste what Larry is cooking and help someone else out.

Get your forks ready and Get-R-Done!