Halloween is not just a day for kids to get enormous amounts of candy. Halloween is a day for adults to get creative. If ideas are not coming to you for your costume, use this gallery to help you develop some.

Every year I see more and more slutty nurses and police officers. The number of super hero costumes have been growing too. All of these costumes lack innovation and creativity. Also, the majority of costumes are bought in a package with no uniqueness required.

If you are buying these pre-packaged costumes then you are also running the risk of meeting others out on the town in the same costume. I would hate to show up at a party and see five other ladies in my outfit.

To break from this trend of no thought costumes, we need to wake our brains up for some original ideas. This is the only holiday that you can become anything that you like and go around town to have as much fun as possible. The crazier you can make your costume and night the better. As adults we can truly celebrate this holiday. We may not be receiving free candy anymore, but we have more opportunities for fun.

Let me clear a few things up before I continue. I am not saying Halloween should be a total night of debauchery, there is a line between fun and woah. Please drink responsibly and be safe while out at night. Guys, I am not trying to take away the one night a year almost every girl in the world dresses in next to nothing. I am only trying to encourage the use of creative thinking when developing a costume.

You can be anything! Scary, cute, weird, or just different from your everyday life. If you can completely transform yourself, the reaction will be double what you could get as a plain firefighter or sexy teacher.

Below is a photo gallery of some great costume makeup. This might help you get an idea of what you want to do. At the very least, this will get your mind working on a different level than the Halloween stores are.