Last week I posted a story about my pumpkins being stolen from my front porch! Yes, someone actually came into my yard, on to my front porch, and took my pumpkins that I had for Fall decoration.   I like to celebrate the seasons and one way I do that, is decorate my front door and porch. It's Fall and Halloween, so I had pumpkins, a fall wreath and a scarecrow. I know it was just pumpkins, but it was the fact that people can be so mean and decided that they had the right to just take something that was not theirs.

So when I saw this story, I had to share!

According to, Becky Reina and her family carved four pumpkins a little over a week ago. Each pumpkin represented each member of the family -- one to represent her, one for her husband, and one each for her 2-year-old son Tommy and infant Abby.

"On Thursday we came out and there were only three pumpkins," Becky said.

Someone had stolen Tommy's pumpkin.

 "Pumpkins get smashed, pumpkins get stolen, of course," Becky said. "I was really just mad because it was only his pumpkin [they stole]."

Really!? You're not alone Tommy, someone took all my pumpkins too!