We received dozens of fantastic entries in our first-ever "Love is in the Air" contest at 101.5 KNUE. It was a brutal process narrowing the list down to five finalists before the voting was turned over to our readers and listeners. The time has come, we have our winners!

Congratulations to Brittany and Justin DeMarre, whose love story captured the hearts of our readers and their votes gave them a Valentine's Day package to remember.

The happy couple will receive: a $1,000 gift card from Elliott’s Jewelers in Tyler, a day at the spa from Belladonna Day Spa in Tyler and a romantic night on the town with a limousine from Classic Coach & Carriage at their disposal. The night on the town also will include a romantic dinner at Jakes Tyler on the square in Downtown Tyler.

Here is Brittany and Justin's story that Brittany submitted:

When I was 14 years old living in Michigan, I decided to save my first kiss for the man I would marry. Little did I know an 18-year-old man, never-been-kissed, was halfway around the globe in Malayasia praying for his future wife. Four years and much rejection later (apparently people don’t want to date you if you aren’t ready to make out) I met the most GORGEOUS MAN I HAD EVER SEEN.  He was six-feet-two with intense, bright-blue eyes and dark brown hair and broad shoulders. Unfortunately, he had a girlfriend and I was leaving for Fiji. We exchanged e-mail addresses as friends and I was wistful, knowing he was the perfect gentleman and everything I wanted in a man, but he was taken. Two months later I happened to e-mail him, having heard that he and his girlfriend had separated. He had moved to Africa for missions and I had moved back home to Michigan. For two years we e-mailed infrequently, about every two or three months.  Throughout the long Michigan winters I would meet other guys and in the back of my mind see a vision of the handsome man in Hawaii that I just knew I would never see again.  Every other man fell short and I was convinced I would end up alone. In 2004, I was reading my Bible and realized I didn’t understand a thing I was reading. I decided to attend School of the Bible with Youth With A Mission in Texas to learn more about the original context of Scripture. My best friend Brooke and I packed up my little two-door Toyota Corolla and headed south. The day after we arrived in Texas we were enjoying coffee at Starbucks when Brooke exclaimed, “Wow there’s a hot guy sitting outside all by himself!” I followed her gaze and noted the tall figure, the same sandals I had seen in Hawaii, the same dark hair, head bent to intently study his paperwork, and I knew. “That’s Justin DeMarre!” I exclaimed. “Let’s go sit outside!” We walked out the door and into the sunshine, and Justin totally did a double-take when he saw me. It turned out he was living two doors down from me on the school campus and we had no idea we had both moved to Texas. Ten months later we shared our first kiss ever, ending our famine, and one year later we were married on December 17.  Six years have passed and we are expecting our first child, a son, and we are more in love than we were after we met for the second time.  He is everything I hoped for in a man.  He is always thinking of ways to care for me and show his love for me and I could not have asked for a better husband or a better first kiss.

Thank you for your votes, and we hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!