Ever feel like you're the world's worst parent? I have, but I've never left my kid at a Chuck E. Cheese! Two parents in Maryland did just that, according to Fox News. But here's the kicker -  they didn't realize they'd forgotten their child until her face popped up on the 11 o'clock news. YIKES! The couple, who are separated and share custody of their daughter, assumed the other had taken the girl home until the news alert aired. Child protection authorities, convinced that the debacle was accidental, returned the girl to her mother.

This story just shows that  our society is on fast-forward all the time. We should slow down and pay more attention to the important things in life - like our families. I have to admit I am the worst offender. These days, I'm so busy I can't keep track of everything that I need to get done. I even set alarms on my phone to keep me straight during my day. Now that's too busy - don't you think? (Thank goodness  everybody at the station makes sure I pick up my daughter Chloe from school on time.)

Maybe this could be a lesson for all of us - slow down and enjoy life. What are your thoughts?