Looks like the two winners of the latest  $587 million Powerball, bought their tickets in Arizona and Missouri. Their identities haven't officially been announced, but folks in Missouri say they already know who one of the winners are..

The rumors began running wild in the Dearborn, Mo., when a factory worker named Mark Hill updated his Facebook yesterday saying "We are truly blessed, we are lucky winners of the Powerball."

According to according to ABC News affiliate WJLA-TV, employees and customers at an Exxon in Upper Marlboro, Maryland claim a tall, black, bald man held the winning ticket purchased in Arizona,

In Maryland, surveillance cameras at the Upper Marlboro gas station captured the apparent winner walking into the store Thursday afternoon, digging into his chest pocket for his lottery tickets. After a few seconds of scanning the wad of tickets, the man began jumping up and down, pumping his arms.

The man gave the tickets to store manager Nagassi Ghebre, who says the six Powerball numbers was on the ticket, which the apparent winner said he bought in Arizona.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.