Taste of Country reports that things are getting ugly between Rascal Flatts and their former management firm, Turner Nichols and Associates. According to Courthouse News, the band’s ex-managers are asking for a 15 percent cut of the band’s earnings on their current tour, despite the fact that the parties ended their relationship in February and even issued a statement saying that the split was not acrimonious. Read more after the jump.

Well, what a difference a few months makes! Turner Nichols is arguing that their firm negotiated the tour and is therefore owed. They also contend that they are owed compensation since they were crucial in building the band’s career. Part of the suit says that Turner Nichols supported the band “when the defendants were struggling and unknown singers, initially financing their careers out of the plaintiff’s own funds. The plaintiff has guided the defendants’ careers to success as internationally famed singers and recording artists, as multi-platinum record sellers, and as tremendously successful touring artists who have achieved astounding financial success, earning hundreds of millions of dollars.”

We hope they work things out soon! This could disrupt their current tour! We hope not.