You've always heard that when folks win the lottery or become famous, that long-lost relatives come out of the woodwork! That's what happened to country singer, Rodney Atkins when he became the spokesman for the National Council for Adoption in 2008.

Rodney was adopted as an infant and had never known who his birth parents were. In 2008, Rodney decided to search for his birth family.

USA Today reports Rodney's comment about the first time he met his birth Mother -

"It hit me at that moment, walking in that room, getting to know her," Atkins said. "She's a wonderful, beautiful lady. I realized that the reason I needed to do that did not have anything to do with my parents. I'm glad I did that really, really, really for her. She's been carrying that around, wondering what happened, and I could tell it was such a relief."

Rodney said his birth mother learned that her son loved Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Steve Garvey when Rodney was growing up. So for Rodney’s birthday two years ago, his birth mother gave him an autographed Steve Garvey jersey, baseball card and a baseball.

What a great story! Country music fans are glad we have Rodney, cause his music is awesome! Rodney's  latest album, "Take a Back Road" hit stores this month!

Check out Rodney's latest video,  "Take a Back Road!"