I dont know about you, but there are a few television shows I am glued to each week -- 'Scandal,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Nashville' and FOX's new smash hit, 'Empire.'

Pictured above is 'Empire' writer/director Lee Daniels attending an exclusive event for the show in Los Angeles at the ACE Hotel just days ago.

It seems if a show is about the music business, no matter the genre, I am in. Combine that with the drama, well-crafted story lines and some pretty spectacular acting, that makes for a roller coaster of an hour on TV every Wednesday night!

Bad news if you are a big fan of 'Empire' -- the season finale seems to be upon us, and in my opinion, quite early! When FOX started filming the show, they weren't sure how successful it would be, so they only filmed a limited number of episodes. Who knew how well it would be received?

Tonight's finale will for sure leave us wanting more, but the good news is you will get a full two hours of the hit at 8 p.m.

With the sucess of this season, FOX has released that it will for sure be back for a second season! Now let the countdown begin until the Fall premiere.