Seven-year-old Rachel Beets loves shoes, so it just makes sense that she would ask for shoes for her upcoming eight birthday. Well Rachel is asking for shoes, just not for herself, but for a wonderful charity -- The Rainbow Room.

This young lady has so much maturity for her age. She realizes that there are needs in the community that she can help with, so she does, and is. Rachel has a big goal too, she wants to collect 900 pairs of shoes.

"Because other people can have some shoes too," 7-year-old Rachel said.


Rachel calls her project "Rachel's Happy Feet," something her mom was a little hesitant about taking on in the beginning, but Rachel eventually got her mom on board.

"34 pair were donated, and she came in from school and just her face lit up like a Christmas tree. I should have jumped on it a little sooner," said Rachel's mom, Amanda Beets.

Rachel's birthday is January 31, and that is when all the shoes they collect will be donated to the Athens' Rainbow Room.

 "When a child is removed from a home, usually they have nothing except for the clothes on their back. We work with Child Protective Services case workers so when they remove a child, they are able to bring them to the Rainbow Room and get new clothes or personal hygiene items," explained Rainbow Room board member and former president, Ann Hall.

The Rainbow Room is a nonprofit organization that serves children from infants to 18 years old.

On Wednesday, Rachel's Happy Feet project received a monetary donation to purchase shoes for their cause, bringing their donation count to 78 pairs of shoes.

The Beets family and the Rainbow Room hope others will be inspired by this 7-year-old's generosity, and together collect all 900 pairs of shoes.

When I saw this story, I knew I had to share it with the KNUE family!  If you would like to donate a pair of new shoes, there are several drop-off locations.

  • 1. The Rainbow Room: 420 Athens Brick Road in Athens.
  • 2. The Eustace Post Office: 202 U.S. 175 in Eustace.
  • 3. Top Shelf Vaping: 1012 West Main Street Suite 106 in Gun Barrel City.
  • 4. Gun Barrel City Hall: 1716 West Main Street in Gun Barrel City.
  • 5. Nana's Natural Health Market: 2404 West Main Street in Gun Barrel City.

Way to go Rachel, we are so proud of you!


Rachel's mom reports that Rachel has collected a few cash donations and 140 pair of shoes! I know we are all proud of Rachel and her dedication to the Rainbow Room. Involve your children, tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers East Texas, and let's help Rachel get her shoes! Keep up the great work Rachel!