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ICYMI: Big D and Bubba Talk to Ralph Macchio
In 1983 we were introduced to Danielson as he went under the tutelage of Mr. Miyagi to face his bully, Johnny, of the Cobra Kai dojo. Now in 2018, the rivalry continues with a new series on Youtube Red. Listen as Big D and Bubba talk to Ralph Macchio about the new show.
Big D & Bubba Try Chex Mix as Cereal
Chex Mix is great. But in a snack bowl, by itself, sometimes with a beer. But adding milk and eating it like cereal just does not sound appetizing. Watch as Big D, Bubba and Carsen give it a shot.
ICYMI: Big D and Bubba's Egg Bowl
Who's gonna win Superbowl LII? New England Patriots? Philadelphia Eagles? Big D and Bubba have a great track record in predicting the winner with their annual Egg Bowl.
ICYMI: Bubba Shaved His Legs
Big D and Bubba like everything to be clean. So it was a big deal when Big D kept finding hair on the floor in the bathroom. They found the culprit and found a solution to the problem.