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ICYMI: Big D and Bubba's Egg Bowl
Who's gonna win Superbowl LII? New England Patriots? Philadelphia Eagles? Big D and Bubba have a great track record in predicting the winner with their annual Egg Bowl.
ICYMI: Bubba Shaved His Legs
Big D and Bubba like everything to be clean. So it was a big deal when Big D kept finding hair on the floor in the bathroom. They found the culprit and found a solution to the problem.
ICYMI: Big D and Bubba Play Bite the Balloon
There is a small danger in playing this game (the popped balloon could get lodged in your throat) but it could still be a fun game with the family after unwrapping presents.
ICYMI: Big D and Patrick Swap Shorts
Patrick has a new girlfriend and she was looking for a picture of Patrick to show her friends. What's the first thing she found? A video of Big D and Patrick swapping shorts.
ICYMI: Danielle Bradbery Performs with Big D and Bubba
She was the winner of season 4 of The Voice while on Team Blake. Her debut tune, 'The Heart of Dixie', brought her into the spotlight. She is back with a new album and performed two new songs in the studio with Big D and Bubba.
Shenandoah with Big D and Bubba
Shenandoah had some huge hits in the 90's. Now, after 20 years, they are back with new music. They stopped by the Big D and Bubba studio to talk new music and played a couple of their classics.
Kenny Chesney with Big D and Bubba
Kenny Chesney's 'Live From No Shoes Nation' live album is out now with 30 live performances from 10 years of stadium shows. He sat down with Big D and Bubba to talk about the album and hear his duet with Taylor Swift of 'Big Star'.