It's hard to believe it's already Homecoming time in East Texas High Schools. Homecoming is always an exciting time when alumni students come back to visit their 'old stomping grounds' and reconnect with old friends. But for one extraordinary girl, it means so much more.This homecoming is very special for Union Grove senior, Kayla Sexton, because  Kayla's classmates voted this young lady their Homecoming Queen. quotes Union Grove student Lane Williams;

"You should have seen her at the game---she was pumped. I was in the very back and you could hear her screaming and laughing and she was so excited and so was everyone else around me," recalled student Lane Williams.

Thanks to two girls, everyone at Union Grove High School did their part by voting for Kayla Sexton.

"She's been here for a long time and we just wanted to give her a really good senior social media they were able to spread the word quickly since they only had a week and a half to campaign.

The two girls used social media to campaign for Kayla, and everyone showed support! Kayla won by a landslide. School officials say Kayla received about 75 percent of the votes.

When I read stories of acts kindness like this one, it makes me so grateful that there is still compassion and love in this world. If there is anyone who thinks the youth of today are uncaring and self centered, this proves differently. This gives us all a chance to step back and appreciate what we have and to always remember that life is lived in moments. Make them count! I salute the students of Union Grove.

Congratulations Queen Kayla from your friends at 101.5 KNUE.

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