Well, the KNUE Morning Show is at it again! ! Big D and Bubba stirred up a hornets nest this morning when they brought up duties of spouses that "work" out side of the home, and  "stay at home" spouses. Guys you never know when to keep your mouths shut!

Here is the scenario. Bubba's wife is a "stay at home'" Mom who takes care of the kid's, shopping, chauffeuring duties and homework! Well this morning on the show, Bubba mentioned to Big D that for the past two months he has come home from a long day at work, and has been left with cooking dinner! That was all it took to get the phones lines buzzing.

They got advice from single Moms, married Moms, Grandmoms and even some Men. Bubba knows that he may be in the doghouse when he gets home tonight!

This got me to thinking, what is the fair way to divide up household duties? Should the spouse that works, be expected to come home and cook dinner? But yet, the "stay at home" spouse works too, just at home.

My opinion? I'm staying out of this one!