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Amy Austin’s Jury Duty Woes
According to Merriam Webster dictionary a jury is: a group of people who are members of the public and are chosen to make a decision in a legal case. I have been going to Jury Duty ever since I've been eligible to go.
Amy Austin’s Favorite David Letterman Moments [VIDEO]
I don't know what I'll do without the sarcastic, dry and  witty humor, of David Letterman. David announced yesterday that he will retire in 2015. The Late Show celebrated it's 20th anniversary last year. Late night will never be the same. What we will do without the Top Ten list!…
Amy Austin Gets ‘Spring Fever’
Sunday, I caught the "spring fever"! It was the perfect weather that did it to me. Motivating me to get outside and work in the yard and around the pool. This winter seemed way to long and I was ready to shake out the cobwebs and get things done.
Amy’s Favorite Chili Recipe Made With Spicy Hot Tabasco
Being from Texas, I love me some chili! I found this recipe recently and gave it a try - spicy, hot and delicious! Make ya a batch and you'll what I mean. The secret ingredient - Tabasco! Yummo! This recipe has beans, and I usually never eat beans in my chili, but it works.

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