‘How to Pick Up a Chicken’ By 3-Year-Old Annika [VIDEO]
For all of us who have wondered, "how do you pick up a chicken?"  - here is three year old Annika with her "how to" video. This is the cutest and smartest three year old I think I've EVER seen. The background music just makes the video that much better. …
Newborn Deer Discovers The World [VIDEO]
This precious video was first posted in December of 2010, but recently has gone viral. If this doesn't warm your heart, I don't know what will. Life is sweet - make it a great day East Texas!
Just For Fun – Adorable Animal Videos
What could be more endearing than gorillas in the wild sniffing a tourist, white lion cubs, a sleeping seal pup, a grumpy porcupine in a Santa hat, baby polar bear and a dog who is crazy for old  St, Nick? Enjoy these fun and adorable videos.
Great Christmas Presents for Your Pets
Want to pamper your pets? Give them gifts that bring out the beast and the best in them. Dogs and cats love to pounce and play, and new toys mean new joys. Delicious treats are always on the gifting menu, as are soft places to sleep and sparkly new collars...
Panda Cuteness By The Dozen [VIDEO]
Is there anything more precious then Panda Bears? Well, baby Pandas of course! On CBS Nightly News last night I just happened to catch this footage and thought I would share this "cuteness" with you.
Critter of the Week – Horses

Our Critter of the Week is the horse. Man has always had a very close relationship with this strong and sturdy member of the animal kingdom. Before the car was invented man relied on the horse for almost everything. Now in days, the horse has a pretty relaxed life in the United States at least an…

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