Ridiculously Cute Piglet — Chris P. Bacon [VIDEO]
Meet Chris P. Bacon, a ridiculously cute piglet that couldn't even get around on his own, Chris P. Bacon was born with out the use of his hind legs. But veterinarian Dr. Len Lucero came to the rescue by designing a custom wheelchair out of K'NEX building blocks.
Just For Fun – Adorable Animal Videos
What could be more endearing than gorillas in the wild sniffing a tourist, white lion cubs, a sleeping seal pup, a grumpy porcupine in a Santa hat, baby polar bear and a dog who is crazy for old  St, Nick? Enjoy these fun and adorable videos.
Great Christmas Presents for Your Pets
Want to pamper your pets? Give them gifts that bring out the beast and the best in them. Dogs and cats love to pounce and play, and new toys mean new joys. Delicious treats are always on the gifting menu, as are soft places to sleep and sparkly new collars...

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