My Sim City Addiction Has Gotten Even Worse
Not only am I addicted to the SimCity BuildIt app, but now I have two. I realized at some point this weekend that I could download the app to my smart phone and have a second city.
I realize that the addiction has only gotten worse, so instead of fighting it I have just let it take over all of my spa…
Sweet Dreams – Dream:ON App For iPhone
OK, now this is crazy! Or is it? They now have a phone app that will influence your dreams for your iPhone. Dream:ON was designed by Richard Wiseman, a professor at the University of Hertfordshire in Britain, who said it may be possible to influence dreams by monitoring people's sleep patterns to fi…
There’s An App For That! [VIDEO]
Walking can be hazardous to your health! That is, if you're using your smartphone while walking. You run the risk of walking right into traffic, a light pole or off a bridge. But now -  there's an "App for that!"
New Heart-Monitoring Device for Smartphones Could Save Your Life
Swiss researchers say new technology that interacts with smartphones could revolutionize the treatment of heart patients.
The device in question consists of four electrode sensors attached to the skin and linked to a radio module and computer chip that clips onto a patient’s belt. Data from the devic…