Canton First Monday Trade Days This Weekend
It kicked off today in Canton, First Monday Trade Days! It's the time of the month when vendors and shoppers alike descend upon the small East Texas town to sell their creations, antiques and more to shoppers coming from around the world!
Canton First Monday Trade Days This Weekend
It's a tradition that began over 150 years ago in the East Texas town of Canton. Farmers, ranchers and townspeople would gather in Canton before the first Monday of the month to trade what they owned or had made for other goods and services from their friends and neighbors.
Country Star’s Face Carved into East Texas Field
It can’t be easy carving a face into a corn field. How in the world do they do that? Walking through the maze, you probably can’t tell all the paths are making a face or that you’re walking through an eyeball, but from the air it looks pretty cool.
Canton’s First Monday Trade Days Happening This Weekend
It happens 12 times a year in Canton, and this weekend marks the fourth time this year that First Monday Trade Days is happening. This monthly happening is one of my wife’s favorite destinations for the weekend. I think it’s because a lot of shopping is involved and s…