Woman Drives On Sidewalk To Avoid School Bus [VIDEO]
Check this out - a woman drives up on a sidewalk just so she doesn't have to stop for a school bus! But get this - she does it twice in one week. The first time she got away with it, but this time, well, the school bus driver was ready for her. Really lady, really - shame on you!
Man Who Fathered 30 Kids Wants a Break in Child Support [VIDEO]
Desmond Hatchett, a 33-year-old Knoxville, TN man who has fathered 30 kids says he wants a child-support “break.” His 30 kids are from 11 different women, and of the 30 kids, 9 of them were born within the last three years! Word on the street is Hatchett has set a local record with his reproduction …
‘Old Fashioned’ Toys For Christmas – Top 7
Remember as a kid how simple, yet fun the toys were? Before video games, computers and high tech. When riding bikes and using your imagination was all you had. I think those days were the best! This got me reminiscing on some of my favorite "old fashioned" if you want to call it t…
8 Year Old Weighing 200 Lbs Taken From Mother [VIDEO/POLL]
In Ohio, reports say that an eight year old boy was taken from his mother because he was deemed severely obese. The boy weighed in at an astonishing 200 lbs! This particular case has sparked debate on whether or not a child that is severely obese should be taken from their parents custody.

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