Lara Logan: Receives Call from President Obama
Lara Logan, the CBS correspondent brutally attacked last week in Egypt following the resignation for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, received a phone call from President Obama yesterday.
Although no information was released, an anonymous White House official told CNN that the president made the cal…
Egpyt is Free – Live Video Feed
Wild cheers erupted from tens of thousands of demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir Square after word spread that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has resigned. Demonstrators chanted “Egypt is free!” upon hearing the news.
LIVE: Watch now as crowds cheer
Egyptian Crisis: U.S. and U.K. Condemn Attacks on Journalists
A day after such high-profile journalists as CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC's Christiane Amanpour were attacked in Cairo, the U.S. and Britain condemned those who are intimidating foreign reporters covering the protests against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and warned the government not …
Protest Swells In Egypt
Many thousands of protestors took to the streets of Cairo on Friday to protest the long rule of President Hosni Mubarak, who they claim has undermined freedoms of Egyptian citizens while neglecting issues like the nation's suffering economy. The recent ousting of a similarly authoritarian Tunisian l…