Toddler Melts NFL Player’s Heart [VIDEO]
When watching football players on TV, they can come across as big, mean, and scary. And in some cases they are just that. But sometimes they surprise you. Sometimes they're just big teddy bears and the littlest and sweetest things melt their hearts.
Super Bowl Numbers Off The Field
It's Super Bowl time and while most of us are guessing what the final score will be or the quarterbacks' passer rating, have you ever wondered just how many hot dogs, chips, guacamole, peanuts and more is consumed at all the Super Bowl parties? Well, I ...
Healthy Snacks For Your Super Bowl Party
Super Bowl Sunday equals Super Bowl snack time. Every year we look forward to snaking on tasty fatty items like chips, dips, wings, and pizza. This year I'm going to strive for healthier snacks. I know that sounds boring, but I've found some delicious dishes that just might work! Offer yo.…
Which NFL Team Has the Craziest Sports Fans? [PICTURES]
There’s just something about NFL football that makes us want to slap on some war paint, throw back some beers and make drunken messes of ourselves. Some fans are clearly more into this than others and it’s those hardcore sports nuts that we all get our inspiration fro…

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