funny animals

Random Video Of A Goat and His Wheel Barrow
There is nothing I like more than random funny events. In fact, my co-workers are always telling me how random I am. Is that a bad thing? Don't answer that! Well you can't get more random than goats and wheel barrows.
Hilarious Kitty Montage! [VIDEO]
Yes, it's a cat video, But I could not help posting this video, cause it is so fun. Even if you don't consider yourself  a "cat person", you will get a kick out of this video. It's a fun montage of videos that you may have seen, but put together in this montage,…
Just For Fun – Adorable Animal Videos
What could be more endearing than gorillas in the wild sniffing a tourist, white lion cubs, a sleeping seal pup, a grumpy porcupine in a Santa hat, baby polar bear and a dog who is crazy for old  St, Nick? Enjoy these fun and adorable videos.
Unusal Dog Enjoys His Bath [VIDEO]
With the two articles written this week about the abused and neglected cats and dogs I wanted to round out the week with a great video I found of an awesome dog, named Casper, getting a bath. I've been splashed -- heck even drenched when I give my dogs their baths.
This dog just half submerges himse…
Dusty, The Real Life ‘Cat Burglar’ [VIDEO]
One California feline is attracting attention for his kleptomaniac ways -- he's stolen about 600 items from neighbors in the past 3 years, often returning multiple times for loot, including taking two trips to steal a pair of shoes or a bikini top and bottom. Neighbors don't seem to mind too much -…
Is This What Animals Are Truly Saying? [VIDEO]
This video has been seen worldwide millions of times, but my daughter and I saw it for the first time last night and had to watch it over and over
It was produced by the BBC in England and shows animals in the wild with people talking for them. I hope you enjoy it as well.