Frozen McRib Photo Sweeps the Internet
The McRib at McDonald's is a cult phenomenon. Even in this age of people trying to eat more natural, healthy food (and fast food restaurants even offering more healthy choices), the McRib seems to be immune to the criticism.
Does McDonald’s Hate Texas? Or Just the Dallas Mavericks?
The defending NBA-champion Dallas Mavericks never seemed to get any respect last season until the final buzzer sounded on their win over the heavily favored Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. This season hasn't exactly gone the way the Mavs would hope as a follow-up, but one of the world's larg…
McDonald’s Top 5 ‘McMisses’
Americans have loved the "Golden Arches" since the '50's when Ray Kroc opened the first franchise McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines back in 1955. First day's revenues-$366.12! Heck, I can remember what a treat it was just to go to McDonald's when I was k…
1 Man, 39 Years, 25,0000 Big Macs!
A Wisconsin man ate his 25,0000 McDonald's Big Mac 39 years to the day after eating his first. Don Gorske a retired prison guard says he has never gone more than 8 days without one and the last day he went Big Mac-less was Thanksgiving 2000 when he forgot to stock up and the store was closed for th…

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