Kilgore Based Superhero Movie Looking for Your Help
Cross Line Films is looking for your help to get their superhero movie, which will be set in Kilgore, off the ground.
A short description of the film is, “a vigilante must stop forces beyond anything she has ever known while on a search to uncover the truth about her past...
‘The Giver’ Movie Trailer [VIDEO]
Most high school students are required to read Lois Lowry's 'The Giver.' The difference between this novel and many of the others on required reading lists is that students are usually interested in this one, and finally it's becoming a movie.
Dolly Parton Raps With Queen Latifah on ‘Today’
Appearing on the ‘Today’ show this morning because of their new film ‘Joyful Noise,’ Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah took the descriptor “cross-genre” just one step further. When host Ann Curry pointed out that hip-hop and country had an intersection in the two artists, Parton innocently said, “We ne…
Puss In Boots Is A Hit At The Box Office [VIDEO]
Going to the movies this weekend? Well, who could resist the smooth and suave feline, Puss in Boots? Puss in Boots is great family fun! Critics are saying it's the best animated film of the year. Puss in Boots was first introduced to audiences in Shrek. Antonio Banderas voices the loveable Puss…

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