5 Tips for Your Pet’s Health to Remember This Summer
Summertime can be fun, but the sun, humidity and extreme heat, can be downright hazardous to humans. With reports of record high temperatures across the U.S., it's important to take care of yourself. But a lot of folks forget about their pets. Yes, pets can suffer just as much during the summer…
Arrest Made in Case of Puppy Set on Fire in Dallas
A warrant was issued and the suspect turned himself into police today for setting a puppy on fire at a Dallas apartment complex. Justice, the name given to the puppy who was tortured, died from his injuries about a week after the unspeakable act.
Pets Love Halloween Too [VIDEO]
Halloween is a fun holiday that let's us dress up and act goofy, while eating massive amounts of candy! It doesn't get much better then that! Well, pets love Halloween too and you can include your furry friend and have double the fun. Check out this fun and informative video about your pet…

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