stupid things people do

Myth Busters Accidentially Hit House With Cannon
On Tuesday a cannon ball from firing range in Dublin, CA missed its intended target and hit a residential home -- going all the way through one wall and exiting through another -- a vehicle was reported damaged as well.  According to the Alameda Sheriff, the cannonball "took a few unfo…
Blonde vs. Escalator
We have all had those days, when nothing is going right. This poor blonde is trying, no struggling to make it to the second floor. You have to give her some kind of props because she was dead set on making it to the top and succeeded.
Insane! Parents Use Mail-Order Chicken Pox Lollipops
American parents who are not in favor of immunizing their children are purposely seeking out Chicken Pox infected lollipops to intentionally infect their children with this horrendous disease.
Yes -- crazy people buy lollipops, spit and quit tips that have allegedly been contaminated with someone w…
Parents Who Gave Kids Nazi Names Lose Custody Battle
The parents of three children, who gave each of them Nazi names, including Adolf Hitler, have finally lost custody of all three kids.
On Thursday, a New Jersey appeals court ruled that the children, who have been in foster care, should not be returned to the couple due to evidence of domestic violenc…

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