Little Girl Gives Dad a Real Tattoo [WATCH]
Ask any dad and he will tell you that one of the rites of passage as a father is to let your young daughter or son use you as a canvas for their expressions of art.
In other words, they draw on you. This usually leads to some great pics of dad on social media outlets in which dear ol' dad pretends to…
10 Extreme Patriotic Tattoos
With July 4th coming up, a lot of us are getting in the patriotic spirit with firework GIFs and festive food. But you know what? Celebrating 'merica doesn't only have to happen once every July. These people are showing off their patriotism year round!
13 Tattoos That Make Us Go ‘Whaat!?’
Of course we know tattoos are permanent, which means the tattooed should usually opt for a design they wouldn't mind having well into their twilight years. Luckily for us though, a lot of people don't think that through and go for the weird. Like, really weird.
Mom Tattoos 11-Year-Old Daughter
Some species eat their young. In North Carolina, they just ink them.
Last month, the Havelock Police Department arrested Odessa Clay, 30, for giving her 11-year-old daughter a small, heart-shaped tattoo on her shoulder. Clay now faces one count of tattooing a person under the age of 18 because appare…
Man Gets Skull Tattooed Over His Face [VIDEO]
The 27-year-old pictured here goes by "Mad Dog" Deon, which seems fitting considering he was crazy enough to get a skull tattooed over his entire face.
The father of multiple children recently appeared with his girlfriend on "The Jeremy Kyle Show," a U.K. talk show, in a segment e…
Country Music Tattoos
Some do it for the art, some to make it a statement, others to honor people, and then some, well, you just gotta Blake Shelton said in an interview with the Boot, "I probably have the crappiest tattoo--not only in country music--but maybe the world...