Pro Football Team Using Toys in Training [VIDEO]
This hilarious video shows the Seattle Seahawks using Toys r Us toys to train for the upcoming football season. Though this is not necessarily true, it brings great laughs. Imagine if slip and slides and Tonka trucks were a part of every pro teams training camp.
How the Hot Toys For Christmas Have Changed
With Christmas coming soon, parents will be headed to the stores to buy that hot new toy that secures them as the coolest parent in their child's eyes. But, the hot toy of the season changes every year. What was popular when I was a child is completely different to the high tech gifts of today.
‘Old Fashioned’ Toys For Christmas – Top 7
Remember as a kid how simple, yet fun the toys were? Before video games, computers and high tech. When riding bikes and using your imagination was all you had. I think those days were the best! This got me reminiscing on some of my favorite "old fashioned" if you want to call it t…