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Retro Gaming is Just Gaming to Me
'Retro Gaming', as it's known now, is all the rage. From emulators to keeping older consoles working to new plug and play systems, playing the games of the past is always fun.
The Hottest Video Games This Christmas
The latest and greatest video games and consoles are one of the hottest items this Christmas. With intensive interaction and awesome graphics, kid's and adults alike are in video heaven! Of course their are tons of games for the younger crowd that amuse and even teach. You...
Video Games Might Be Warping Our Minds — Health Check
Is your kid hooked on video games? New research says simple brain-wiring may be to blame.
Brain scans conducted on 154 teenagers who played video games at least nine hours per week found the structure and activity in the part of the brain associated with reward processing was larger than in those who…

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