Stowaway Cat Takes the Ride of Her Life
Every pilot has a pre-flight check list they must go through.  I don't think looking for stray felines is on that list.
You can only hear the sound of the plane's engine in this video, but you can definitely see the cat meowing frantically, "GET ME DOWN, NOW...
An Explosion of Adorable Cuteness [VIDEO]
Sure, there are a lot of cute videos on the internet. Yes, most of them involve animals. But, this particular baby animal video is the cutest of them all. Watch as this baby goat makes a jungle gym out of a slumbering pig's poor back.
Adorable Babbling Baby Tells Daddy All About Her Day [VIDEO]
When a child says their first word, it's a magical moment for parents. It usually takes them a while to get a full vocabulary and carry on a conversation. But until then they have their own little language to get their words across. It can definitely be a struggle to understand what they're saying, …

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