Kenny Chesney ‘Somewhere With You’ [VIDEO]
'Somewhere With You' is moving up the charts - last week it was #3 on Billboard's chart.
Kenny Chesney is starting his 'Going Coastal' Tour in April.  We are lucky enough to have him come through Dallas.  This is going to be a great show in the Cowboy's Stadium…
Toy Grit Mashed Up Trailer
I saw Amy Austin's review of the remake of True Grit and I just had to pass along this hilarious combination of the True Grit audio and Toy Story video.
Homeless Man Has Amazing Radio Voice [VIDEO]
So, a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch notices a homeless man with a sign that says he has a golden radio voice. Long story short, he totally does. And the internet has made him famous. You have to watch (and listen) to this guy.