All of the yearbooks at Mesquite High School have been confiscated by school administrators after it was discovered that some special-needs students at the school were identified as "mentally retarded."

MyFoxDFW is reporting the school district has apologized for the incident, which incited major objections from students and teachers who called the use of the word "retarded" as "appalling and disgraceful."

According to Mesquite ISD spokeswaman Laura Jobe, the section of the yearbook under fire said, "Some of the disabilities the students in the Special Education Program have are being blind, deaf or non-verbal … (students' names) are both blind and deaf, as well as mentally retarded."

“There was an oversight in the editing approval process,” Jobe told the Dallas Morning News. “Those who work inside the special education department know these requirements.”

Some seniors were reportedly upset because their yearbooks were confiscated and their last day at school is Tuesday, May 21. The school district said it will return the yearbooks sometime this week.

The use of the word "retarded" or even in the case of "mentally retarded" has been the subject of many groups who seek to eliminate the word from schools -- and normal speech altogether. The Spread to end the Word campaign is one group that looks to do just that.