An off-duty police officer and his two children were refused service at a McDonald's near U.S. 290 after a woman behind the counter, whose son is presently in police custody, declined to take their order.

Brenham police officials took to Facebook on Wednesday evening to stress that they understand this to be an isolated incident.  The statement was penned by Brenham Police Chief Craig Goodman:

"We know this was an isolated incident that involved a single employee who is not fond of law enforcement.  It is my hopes and prayers that this employee and anyone else who has a negative view of law enforcement address the real and/or perceived problem(s) through positive communication with us."

McDonald's report that, ultimately, the officer was served as another employee stepped in to take the order.

Additionally, the woman who refused service has been terminated from her position.  The police department notes that the franchise owners were quick to resolve the problem and hope that the public will not react negatively to the business itself.

"We would like to thank the owners of McDonald's for their continued support and for seeing that this issue has been resolved," Goodman said in the department's Facebook post.

This is not the first time that a police officer has been declined service at fast food restaurant in Texas.  Last year, in Lewisville, a police officer was refused service at a Whataburger location, sparking a great deal of online controversy.