Christmas has lists of songs about it, and some of them have already started to play this year. But doesn't Thanksgiving deserve some musical recognition too?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it has always made me sad that it gets overlooked a lot. It came to the attention of my roommates and I the other day that Thanksgiving does not have any popular songs about it, and that just became the last straw in my opinion. My reaction? To find songs about Thanksgiving, obviously.

In our search for Thanksgiving songs, we found this video that describes the way several different people feel about Thanksgiving, and I would bet that you recognize it.

We continued our search for songs about Thanksgiving, and had a little bit of luck. Granted, most of these are more hilarious than serious, but that still proves my point that Thanksgiving deserves some new songs.

But seriously, if any of you are in the mood to write a song - consider Thanksgiving.