The historic U.S. 80 Hwy Sale is bigger then any garage sale you could imagine. It's miles and miles of bargains, so get ready to find treasures and deals by the thousands.

The event was organized 21 years ago by East Texas Tourism, to promote and increase tourism traffic and trade along Hwy 80. The three day sale kicks off October 14th and continues thru the 16th. So you'll have an entire weekend to shop until you drop!

U.S. Hwy 80 is the first coast-to-coast highway in America, stretching 2,400 miles. Hwy 80 starts in Savannah, GA., making it's way through East Texas and ending up in San Diego, CA.

What a fantastic opportunity for fund-raising for churches and civic groups. Or even local bed and breakfasts, motels, restaurants and historical sites.

Mary Ramos, Executive Director of East Texas Tourism says;

We had numerous calls from out of state during the October sale from people looking for the bset place to start shopping." "They were also looking for hotels and RV parks along the way."

It's miles and miles of wear some comfortable shoes everybody! Happy shopping!