Growing up we all have special memories about Christmas morning and those special morning memories live with us forever.  ABC News Radio recently caught up with the sibling members of The Band Perry who shared a special Christmas memory.

Neil, Kimberly and Reid Perry grew up on a 5-acre farm in Jackson, MS and the trio remembers one Christmas when Santa Claus brought them a real horse and carriage for Christmas.  However, the horse was in no shape to pull a carriage because it was pretty ill.

Neil told ABC News Radio,

The horse [was] on its back with its four legs straight up in the air.  It was colicky the first day that Santa brought the horse.”

Sister Kimberly adds,

Yeah, we couldn’t ride it for like a week.  Poor thing.”

Then Reid chimes in with,

Yeah, I think dad ended up pulling us in the carriage for that day!”

As far as the trios plans for Christmas, Neil explains a family tradition.

What special memories do you have of Christmas morning?