The Civil Wars burst onto the music scene just a while back. From that moment on, they have held millions of fans hearts in their hands. Their newest album tugs once more on those heart strings. If you don't know them, get ready to fall in love. 

It is sad to think that such a great band has decided to split. Just before the release of this new self-titled album, the harmonizing duo parted ways.

The same turmoil and fighting between the two that led to their split is what makes this new album so great. You can hear in the lyrics the two saying goodbye and venting their frustrations.

Even though it has been proven that the two make music magic, they have gone separate ways. The world acknowledged their talents with a Grammy award of Best Country Duo/Group Performance, but this wouldn't be enough for the two to stick it out.

At least we have this new album. It might be the last, but it will stay with us for a long while.

The songs on the Civil Wars new album are amazing. They go a little something like this...

We are all gone to miss the way their voices twisted and melded almost like a slow dance. Their vocal chemistry and well thought out folk style instrumentals make the head and heart join and the soul swoon.

But, their music is actually very perfect to sing out the sadness we feel in saying goodbye to the great two.

You can hear and buy the Civil Wars album by clicking right here.