Food trucks have become somewhat of a food epidemic across the country. Large cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Austin are home to some of the most famous food trucks, but may not necessarily be known for their food. Some are known for just being freaking awesome.


The Roving Mammoth is a food truck crafted atop a snow-cat that can tackle the icy terrain of the mountain. The truck/machine offers breakfast and lunch burritos.




One of the smallest food automobiles ever created, Verts serves up Berlin-inspired döner kebap from a smart car food truck.

This truck offers a menu that’s only available on the truck and strives to offer a more high-end dining experience, and lets guests order on an I-Pad.





This truck dedicated to offering customers a bit of whimsical fun with their lunch – in the form of rocking tunes and a Kinect built into the truck for diners to play with.





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