The King would have been 78 years old today. No, not the country king George Strait, but the King of Rock-n-Roll, Elvis Presley! I've had a crush on Elvis since I was 3 years old. I was brought up in a household that appreciated Elvis Presley.What do I love about Elvis? His smooth voice and, of course those lips, are you kidding me?

When my parents were dating in the '50's, they would catch Elvis performing live on the Gladewater Hayride. The hayride was a place where some of the best artist around would come through East Texas and play.

My mother was the one that introduced me to the wonderful world of Elvis. I can still remember listening to Elvis records while I played and while my mother cleaned the house.

When I was 13, my mother took me, my two brothers and sister to see Elvis live at Hirsch Memorial Coliseum in Shreveport. I set there in total awe and amazement. The stage, the costumes, the huge orchestra, the lights and of course the King on stage. I was actually speechless for a change.

The King came out to his opening number ,which was a remix of "Space Odyssey" and  "C.C. Rider." He came running in to the coliseum in his baby blue jumpsuit and cape. WOW! I had never seen anything like it.

I think this concert was the first time I looked at my mother as someone other than my mother. She seemed like a young girl as she screamed and sang along with the crowd. I loved that moment and I will never forget it.

I think I loved Elvis the most when he sang gospel music. Nobody, and I mean nobody, could sing a gospel like Elvis. Even to this day, nothing moves me as much as Elvis singing a good ol' gospel tune.

In every song Elvis song, you could hear and feel, the words. Whether it was "You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog," "How Great Thou Art" or "Can't Help Falling In Love With You," you felt every single word. It was like he was singing just to you.

There will never be another Elvis Presley. Whether you are a fan or not, you have to admire his talent.

I'll never forget that hot day in August in 1977 when we heard that Elvis had died. I was in shock, my mother cried and I thought to myself, my mother had given me the opportunity to see one of the finest and unique artist to ever live.

Here are some of my favorite Elvis songs.