My first thought when I saw this footage of 3-year-old Charlie Parker, I thought of "Crocodile Hunter," Steve Erwin. This young boy from Australia is being called Australia's youngest wildlife ranger.  This toddler seems fearless and he loves reptiles. His best friend is Pablo, a boa constrictor that measures eight feet in length.

Check out the videos below and watch how Charlie play in the water with "Gump" the alligator and see him holding his boa friend as if it's just another day. Of course this has people talking.

Wildlife is the family business, and Charlie's father, who runs Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia, says his son's love of animals must be genetic. This father couldn't be prouder of his son.

Here's what Greg Parker told Channel 7 in Melbourne Australia about his son Charlie:

"He can be an ambassador for animal conservation and welfare. I think it's great for everybody," Parker said, speaking in an interview with Australia's Channel 7.

If you remember the stories I shared several months ago about the  "alligator parties" in people's swimming pools in Florida the story and video of an 18-month-old girl playing with a 300-pound gorilla. So what are your thoughts?