Hungering for a hot meal in a flash? Forgot to pick up milk or eggs? Or are you craving a custom-made sweet treat without any pesky human interaction? It may seem far-fetched, but you can get them all, and more, in a vending machine. Thanks to modern technological advances, crisp fries, chilled farm-fresh eggs, and DIY ice cream are just a few of the convenience eats available at the touch of a button (or swipe of an ATM card). No wonder it's a more than $100-billion-a-year industry. Read on for some of the more unusual foods found in vending machines across the globe.

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    French Fries

    Location:Australia - Price: $1.50-$2

    Thanks to advances in modern vending machinery, golden, freshly prepared French fries are just a few taps of an LCD screen away. From the country that consumes half of its potatoes in the form of fries comes the FoodCube and Hot Fresh Fries, both of which store frozen potatoes, fry them in less than two minutes, then salt and dispense them complete with sauce and a napkin.

    Hot Fresh Fries
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    Location: Italy - Price: Starts at 3.50 euros ($4.50 USD)

    Starting with just flour, water, tomato sauce, and cheese, the Let's Pizza vending machine whips up a piping-hot pie in just three minutes. Buyers can watch the entire process through a small window as Let's Pizza makes one of four types: margherita, prosciutto, speck (bacon), or vegetable.

    Sulay Michelin/Italian Food Net
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    Location: Japan - Price: 150-200 yen (around $2 USD)

    Got a thirst that a soda won't quench? Find everything from beer to liquor to mixed drinks and sake in vending machines located around Japan. WOW!

    Wikimedia Commons
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    Canned Bread

    Location: Japan - Price: 340-350 yen (about $4 USD)

    Bread in a can is pretty cool. Bread in a can in a vending machine is top-notch! The Japanese product Pan Desuyo (which means "This is bread!") is available in proprietary vending machines in your choice of chocolate chip, raisin and fruit, or coffee, fruit, and nuts.

    Lee Chapman/
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    Grilled Hot Dogs

    Location: U.S. - Price: $2

    Hot dogs are already a convenience food — they're precooked, preseasoned, and ready in minutes. But the automatic merchandising industry wondered, "What if we took this show on the road and let a robotic arm do all the work?" And the hot dog vending machine was born. This one, from Leon's Grill, lets you select your desired dog, then splits the bun, warms both elements, and assembles your snack in a no time.

    Courtesy of the National Automatic Merchandising Association