Every little girl dreams about her wedding day. The dress, the church, the flowers and the handsome man who will make her happy for many years to come. So, imagine how a bride in Philadelphia felt when a brawl broke out at her wedding! A massive fight broke out at a Philadelphia hotel between the guests at two wedding receptions. Cops are “interviewing police officers, witnesses, hotel staff" and reviewing video of the Sunday brawl at the Sheraton Society Hill, which involved about 100 people.

Three people have already been arrested: 26-year-old Matthew Sofka, described by police as the “main combatant,” and two others who were cited for disorderly conduct. Sofka was tased by cops and charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment, and rioting.

What's worse, is the brides Uncle, Vincent Sannuti, 57, had a heart attack while helping his family escape the whole mess, and died later at the hospital.

It's still unclear who started the fight. Police have their work out out for them on this one.