2013 will be here in mere hours and the question that seems to pop up every year around this time, "What does Auld Lang Syne mean?" So what does the song Auld Lang Syne mean? I went on the search to find out.

It is a Scottish song that means "times gone by" and was written by Robert Burns in the 1700s. From what I could find on the song, it was never intended to be a holiday song, let alone the song we sing each new year.

Guy Lombardo and his band played the song between two radio shows during a live performance at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York in 1929. They played “Auld Lang Syne” just after the clock hit midnight, and so from there it became a a New Year’s tradition.

I do know that there has always been a lot of confusion around the song. It seems most of us know the chorus, but not many actually know the verses of the song.

The title of the Scottish tune translates to “times gone by” and is about remembering friends from the past and not letting them be forgotten.

But that is a little confusing to me, because the verse is "should old acquaintance be forgot?" I guess the Scottish just meant, we should not forget our friends and acquaintances. They just have a different way of saying it.

Problem solved! So sing on at the stroke of midnight and don't forget your friends. KNUE wishes all of you a very blessed 2013 ... and Auld Lang Syne and all that stuff!