The last time I checked the Olympic medal totals - U.S.A. had 19, tied with China. Way to go U.S.A. Since the 2012 London Olympics are here, Big D and Bubba posed the question this morning, "what would you or your spouse win gold in?" We thought it would fun to see what your answers would be.

One listener told Big D and Bubba that they "would win gold in drunk karaoke," another said she would win "dishwasher category," and one said their wife "would win gold in snoring!" Oops, I hope his wife didn't hear that.

I know without a doubt, I would win a gold medal in the talking and laughing categories.  My husband and my daughter, would win gold in ignoring "what needs to be done around the house", and "selective hearing" categories. (Love you guys but you know it's true.)

Let us know what you or your spouse would win gold in, just comment in the section below. I'll share some of them on the air tomorrow during the mid-day show.