Ever wonder where that voice speaking to you from your favorite radio station came from? We all have a list of past jobs. Some can be interesting and some can be a little surprising.  We have gathered a list of old jobs our DJs from all of the Townsquare Media sister stations. See if you can figure out where they once worked. 

Until you find your self settled into a career, you can collect a rather long list of previous employers. I, myself, have been a cake decorator, bartender, and day care worker before working here at Townsquare Media. You will find that I am not alone in my list of sometimes unsuspected professions. Our DJs from KNUE 101.5, 96X The Rock of East Texas, Mix 93.1, and 107.3 Hot Jamz have an interesting past job, too.

Try and figure out where your favorite DJs used to work.