Who doesn't love a tall, strong professional football player? Most girls, especially in Texas, to these men as marriage idols. The guys you can't help to have a crush on. One man from the Houston Texans team is becoming more and more girls ideal man. J.J. Watt could even make you want to love him. 

Why is J.J. Watt becoming so popular with the ladies? First of all, look at him.

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That is one handsome man. Who could resist those eyes, hair, and shoulders? He is making women all over Texas and the United States go a little gaga.

But, he isn't just all good looks. This Texans dream boat is a full package.

He is kind to his fans.

In this video, J.J. Watt is wearing a microphone while he meets and greets his fans that came down for training. Women all over this lone star state swooned watching Watt kiss that baby's head. They all day dreamed about Watt his own little one.

Though that might throw a wrench in thousands of young girl's and adult women's fantasies; Watt's dedication to the game is what is making him become one of the NFL's favorite players.

Just last year he won the NFL's defensive player of the year award. This all means that this man is headed toward greatness. What girl doesn't look up to a committed and successful man?

But, all of this success has not let Watt have a cold heart. He realizes this dedication to the game and not to a love life leaves hundreds with broken hearts. Proving his kind heart, Watt has taken time to show his sympathy and appreciation for these sensitive feelings.

Who will forget when Watt married his youngest and most devoted fan?

The world's heart collectively melting watching this young one cry out in sorrow for the depressing fact that she would never get to marry J.J. Watt.

So, what did he do? He made that little girl's dreams come true.

Any man that will do something that sweet is definitely crush material.

There you are ladies. Now you will have this talented athlete in your heart and head. Maybe you now have a good reason to start watching this upcoming NFL season.

Can't wait for the next Texans game? Here are some shots to get you through.

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