Tonight we find out who the Rangers will play in the American League Championship Series! The Yankees and Tigers will play game 5 of the division series and it's winner take all! More after the jump.

If the Yankees win tonight then they will have the home field advantage for the ALCS. That means the first two games of the seven game series will be played in New York. The first games the Ranger would play at home would be Tuesday and Wednesday.

If the Tigers win tonight then that means the Rangers have home field advantage and the first two games in Arlington would be Saturday and Sunday. I know all of this is very confusing, but bottom line is - we will know tonight when and who the Rangers are playing. Most "professionals" are picking the Yankees to win it tonight at home. The game is 8pm eastern time tonight on TBS.

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Enjoy the picture gallery I made from the Rangers division win over the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday!