Calling all hunters -- let's kill some feral hogs! Wulf Outdoor Sports kicks off their 2012 "Wild Hog "Roundup" with $28,000 in cash payouts! The Bounty: big hog, little hog, any hog. The roundup starts at midnight tonight and ends April 21. Get your teams together and register now! Teams can consist up to four people.

Texas is home to an estimated 2 million feral hogs, about 50 percent of all the feral hogs in the U.S. Feral hogs can be found in just about every Texas county -- from the panhandle to the Gulf Coast, to the southwest, to right here in East Texas.

According to Texas Cooperative Extension, the population and range of feral hogs have expanded dramatically because they are extremely adaptable animals with a high reproductive rate. Relocation by hunters, disease control in domestic animals, the management of range lands, and habitat improvements made for livestock and wildlife also have helped feral hogs.

Feral hogs cause an enormous amount of agricultural and environmental damage.

Hunters, check out my interview with Wulf Outdoor Sports representative, Virginia, for more info:

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