Recently, my comrade Buddy Logan wrote a post based off a blog written by a woman entitled "15 Things White Girls Love To Do On Facebook". This post discussed all of the obnoxious things women do on their Facebook.

While I know very well that women can be annoying on Facebook, I do not agree with all of those observations. Well, the only legitimate way to handle that is to respond with the 15 things white GUYS like to do on Facebook. The original post was written by a man, but this one has my own little opinions in it.

1. They take shirtless pics of themselves and throw it on facebook – "I’m kind of guilty on this one, I’ll admit it. I need feedback on my progress photos, that’s why I do it." This has to be one of the most obnoxious things on Facebook. I mean, is your ego really THAT big? Also, don't flex and try and make yourselves look better, everyone can tell.

2. They love to talk about the sports they’re watching on TV – "Whether it’s NFL football, baseball or UFC, they would put up status’s announcing what they’re watching and rooting who they’re going to win. They also like to make fun of sport athletes who sucks and all that stuff. " It's cool to know you're into a sport and all, but we don't need to know your opinion on every little play. If you're a guy, then its fine; but if you're a girl its annoying.

3. They love to give women positive feedback on their sexy photos – "When women post up photos showing their cleavages or if they’re in a bikini, the guys would be all over it. Nothing wrong with that, ’cause I do it too." First off, women do not need to be putting up pictures like that up of themselves, it definitely sends off the wrong impression. And guys, we all know you like boobs but you don't have to make it public by commented and liking every boob shot you see.

4. They love to talk about going to the gym – "Before they hit the gym, they put up stuff, like “Going to the gym”. They know they have no reason to post that stuff up there, they do it ’cause they love the attention around people being proud of them. I’m guilty of this myself." This relates back to your ego. Yes, we are glad that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but we don't need to know how many times you go, how long you're there, how many weights you lifted that day, etc.

This is my personal annoyance with men and facebook: The write of the blog didn't comment on this topic, but as a woman, I am. If you are talking to, dating, in a relationship with a girl- don't pretend that you aren't on Facebook. If you care about a girl, show it publicly. Stop being flirty with other girls on Facebook and focus on your one girl.

Guys- don't get all offensive. Remember these 15 things were written by a guy. You know you do most of these things too. Check out the full 15 Things White Guys Like To Do On Facebook here.