After that big Easter lunch, doesn't an afternoon nap sound glorious?

Easter can be exhausting, especially when you spend it with lots of loved ones and even more food. The only obvious solution, in my opinion, to rally from the food coma you're probably in is a nap. Let me tell you my favorite things about Easter naps and then maybe you'll agree.

1. They're Casual Naps

Naps on Easter don't need to be the kind where you go change clothes and crawl in bed for hours, they're more like power naps. Try finding a comfy recliner or spot on the couch and relaxing for a few minutes until you can doze off. Even if you get woken up by the kids of the family, you'll have gotten a few minutes of sleep!

2. They Help With The Food Coma

In my family we have an enormous Easter lunch and every single year I eat too much - you would think I would have learned by now to stop, but I haven't. And after lunch I always feel too full to do anything, all I want to do is snag a comfy seat and nap. If I'm lucky enough to get a few minutes of sleep, I usually feel better and typically continue to eat more leftovers. So I suppose they only help if you have the self-restraint to not continue eating.

3. The Timing Is Perfect

Easter is a time to celebrate and rejoice, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to exhaust yourself in celebration. Relaxing a little bit can be just as much of a celebration as a party or big fancy meal with everyone. Take a few minutes for yourself and celebrate today with a nap!